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Welcome to Mahavir Engineering College (MEC) that is creating a generation of innovative engineers, technocrats, leaders of business of society in a unique academic setting, which fosters professional excellence and natures core values for a fulfilling life. We have pooled together some of the most well know academicians, executives, innovators, philanthropists, researchers and scientists to guide us in this noble endeavour. I extend a very hearty welcome to you on your joining this sacred temple of learning and leadership of knowledge and wisdom and the Mahavir Family, and hope you will enjoy every moment of the exciting future in professional and technical programmes here and simultaneously experience mother-nature in her best manifestation. So, remove all you apprehensions about being in a new environment and staying away from home. I am eager to make you stay here as comfortable as possible. In fact not just you stay but also you journey through you campus life which as you shall find out is not only a “home away from home” but also a home steadily propelling you towards your destination.



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