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Managing Director Desk:

Managing Director Desk

Technical education determines the development and socio-economic status of a motion. There is, therefore, a great need for high quality technical education to produce technically skilled manpower in India. Various state in India, have experienced phenomenal growth both in numbers of students and engineering & technical institutions over the last two decades. In last ten years, the growth rate in higher technical education in West Bengal has remarkably improved, specially in the emerging technology. Tools & Technologies, methodical training and theories & other provide a complete reflection about the Knowledge and its applications. Institutions that rely more on knowledge embedded skills and models, provide better methods and approaches for learning. We are happy, though not complacent that our dynamic academic and administrative personnel along with responsive management have made our Institute a prospective centre of progress, proficiency and professionalism. We believe and understand academic standards and maintain our level of performance at the best.


Managing Director Desk || MEC

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